MyCelebTalk Is the only place where you will find genuine information about your favorite star. Our whole team try to incorporate real information, facts, and statements from trusted sources.

Here are some FAQs which will help you to know more about us.

What is the main source of this information that you post?

We only use information from trusted sites some of them are BBC News, CNN, New York Times, INDIA TV, Wikipedia, IMDB, and many more.

Do you only post biographies of famous people?

No, we also post biographies of lesser-known people who are doing well in their industry. If you think that your bio should be on this website then you can contact us for further procedure.

What is the goal of this website? aims to provide genuine information about celebrities and trending stars.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, for more information you should visit our write for us page.

How you calculate the net worth of celebrities?

As mentioned above we use different sources to collect information. Most of the time we use real reports from news websites otherwise celebrity net worth is calculated by computer algorithms that are highly unstable.

Which areas do you cover in the entertainment world?

The categories on our website are the areas we cover. In the future, we may add more categories to reach out a bigger audience.